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Paper-VI: English

Subject Title:ENGLISH
Total hours: 80
Lecture:3 hours/ week
Method of assessment: Written, Oral
Course Description:
This course is designed to help the student acquire a good command and comprehension of the English language through individual, papers and conferences. The student at the end of training is able to Read and comprehend English language, Speak and write grammatically correct English, Appreciates the value of English literature in personal and professional life.

  • Unit –I: [14 Hours]
    • Introduction:
    • Study Techniques
    • Organization of effective note taking and logical processes of analysis and synthesis
    • The use of the dictionary Enlargement of vocabulary
    • Effective diction
  • Unit – II: [14 Hours]
    • Applied Grammar
    • Correct usage
    • The structure of sentences,
    • The structure of paragraphs
    • Enlargements of Vocabulary
  • Unit – III: [14 Hours]
    • Written Composition:
    • Précis writing and summarizing, Writing of bibliography, Enlargement of Vocabulary
  • Unit – IV: [12 Hours]
    • Reading and comprehension
    • Review of selected materials and express oneself in one’s words.
    • Enlargement of Vocabulary.
  • Unit – V: [12 Hours]
    • The Study of Various Forms of Composition Paragraph,
    • Essay, Letter, Summary, Practice in writing
  • Unit – VI: [14 Hours]
    • Verbal Communication:
    • Discussions and Summarization, Debates, Oral reports, use in teaching
Theory Paper having Maximum: 40 Marks.
Type of questionMarks for Each Question
Basic Grammar:
(a)          Sentence structure
(b)         Paragraph structure
(c)          Correct usage
Paragraph writing:

Either on some subject, person, things in daily use
Letter writing:
-                Formal – official, application
-                Informal
Summary or Précis writing5
Dialogue framing on the bases of Debate5
Expand the Idea4
Essay writing5
Note making5
Recommended books:
  • English Grammar Collins, Birmingham University, International Language Data Base, Rupa & Co. 1993
  • Wren and Martin – Grammar and Composition, 1989, Chanda.& Co, Delhi
  • Letters for all Occasions: A S Myers. Pub – Harper Perennial
  • Spoken English V Shasikumar and P V Dhanija Pub. By: Tata Mcgraw Hill, New Delhi
  • Journalism Made Simple, D Wainwright
  • Writers Basic Bookshelf Series, Writers Digest series
  • Interviewing by Joan Clayton Platkon
  • Penguin Book of Interviews.
  • Word Power Made Easy. Norman Lewis.
  • TOEFL & IELTS preparatory guide books.
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