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Paper – VII – Basics in Radiology& diagnostic peocedure

Subject Title:Radiology
Total hours:20
Lecture:1 hour/ week
Course Description:
This course will introduce to the student to acquire skills to read & interpret salient features of the x-ray of the spine & extremities and to co-relate the radiological findings with the clinical findings.

  • Basic outlines of X-rays, CT scan, MRI and Ultra sonography. [4 hours]
  • Basic radiology of:
    • Musculoskeletal System: [8 hours]
      • Upper extremities
      • Lower extremities
      • Spine
    • Respiratory System [2 hours]
    • Cardiac System [2 hours]
    • Reproductive & Genitourinary System [1 hour]
    • Nervous System [3 hour]
Recommended books:
  • James Swain & Kenneth W. Bush. Diagnostic Imaging for Physiotherapists.
  • Lynn N. McKinnis. Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Imaging; F.A. Davis
  • L.C. Gupta & A. Gupta. X-ray Diagnosis and Imaging.
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