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Paper VIII – Basic Nursing

Total hours: 40 Hours
Theory:20 Hours
Practical: 20 Hours
Lecture + Practical:1-2 hour / week
Course Description:
At the end of the course student will be able to know the role and importance of nursing in patient care, position of patient, transfer of patient, basic knowledge of handling emergencies and hygiene.

  • What is Nursing ? Nursing principles. Inter-Personnel relationships. Bandaging : Basic turns; Bandaging extremities; Triangular Bandages and their application. [2 hours]
  • Nursing Position: Environment safety; Bed making, prone, lateral, dorsal, dorsal recumbent, Flower’s positions, comfort measures, Aids and rest and sleep.[ 2 hours]
  • Lifting and Transporting Patients : Lifting Patients up in the bed. Transferring from bed to wheel chair. “Transferring from bed to stretcher”. [3 hours]
  • Bed side Management : Giving and taking Bed pan, Urinal : Observation of stools, urine. Observation of sputum, Understand use and care of catheters, enema giving. [3 hours]
  • Methods of Giving Nourishment: Feeding, Tube feeding, drips, transfusion [3 hours]
  • Care of Rubber Goods: Observation, Reporting and Recording Temperature, Respiration and Pulse, Simple aseptic Technique, Sterilization and Disinfection. [3 hours]
  • Surgical Dressing : Observation of dressing procedures [4 hours]
PRACTICAL [20 Hours]:
For all the topics discuss in theory.

Recommended Books:
  • Basavanthappa: Fundamentals of Nursing; 2004.
  • Sharma: Principles and Practice of Nursing 1/e.
  • Thresyamma: Fundamentals of Nursing, 2002.
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