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Paper-III – Applied Physiotherapeutics

Total hours:175
At the end of the course the candidate will-
  • Acquire the knowledge and skill of various approaches of Manual therapy for joints of the limbs/spine.
  • Be able to integrate the manual therapies to rehabilitate the Mechanical Neuro. Muscular problems.
  • Be able to impart knowledge and train the undergraduate in Manual therapy.
  • Acquire the updated knowledge of therapeutics effects (at the cellular levels) of various electrical currents, Thermal agents, ultra sound & electro – magnetic forces & potential risk factors on prolonged exposure.
  • Acquire the knowledge about various Pharmacotherapeutic agents to be used in combination with various electro – therapeutic modes, with appropriate clinical decision & reasoning in the management of pain / tissue healing / Wound care & skin condition conditions.
Section – I
  • Pain: Neurobiology, Various theories, Modulation and Physiotherapy Management including electromagnetic radiations, ultrasound, Electro acupuncture etc.
  • Maternal and child care in general physiotherapy.
  • Applied neuro- anatomy and neuro-physiotherapy.
  • Inhibition and facilitation techniques.
  • Theories of motor learning.
  • Therapeutic bio feedback & psychosomatic training.
  • Combination therapy, shock wave therapy, long wave therapy.
  • Functional training – Respiratory exercises, Training for feeding, bladder and bowel training, coughing and compression
  • Artificial respiration, inhalation therapy & intensive care unit procedures.
  • Yogasanas & Pranayama
    • Physiological & therapeutic principles of yoga
    • Yogasanas for physical culture, relaxation and meditation.
    • Application of Yogasanas in physical fitness, flexibility, cardiac rehabilitation and neuromotor learning.
    • Pranayama and respiratory physiology.
    • Kriyas and their physiological significance. Therapeutic application of yoga.
    • Yoga – a holistic approach.
  • Acupuncture: definition, principles, techniques, physiological effects, indications, contra-indications, dangers & integration of acupuncture with physiotherapy.
  • Magneto therapy.
  • Naturopathy.
  • History of manual therapy, overview of manual therapy approaches for all the joints
  • Clinical Reasoning and differential clinical diagnosis and practical application of different approaches such as – Maitland, Kaltenborne, Cyriax, Mulligan and Mackenzie.
  • Soft tissue approaches: myofascial techniques, neural tissue mobilization, Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) along with practical application.
  • Massage, mobilization and manipulations.
  • Ergonomics
Section – II
    • Physiotherapy in common conditions of skin
    • Physiotherapy in common vascular diseases.
    • Physiotherapy in nutritional deficiency diseases.
    • Physiotherapy in respiratory disorders.
    • Physiotherapy Management of ischemic heart diseases.
    • Exercise planning and prescriptions.
    • Physiotherapy in psychiatry.
    • Management of pain in neurological and Musculo-skeletal disorders.
    • Physiotherapy management in arthritis and allied conditions.
    • Monitoring systems, defibrillator and Artificial respirators.
    • Physiotherapy in post operative management of metabolic, hormonal, neoplastic and infective conditions of bones and joints.
    • Pre and post operative physiotherapy in tendon transfer.
    • Physiotherapy management following head injuries, in intensive care and neurosurgical procedures.
    • Physiotherapy following general surgery.
    • Physiotherapy following uro-surgery.
    • Physiotherapy following plastic surgery.
    • Physiotherapy management following selective and common cases of oncologic surgeries.
    • Physiotherapy following obstetric and gynecological disorders.
  • Recent advances and Evidence based Practice in all physiotherapeutic conditions.
Recommended books:
  • Rehabilitation Specialist Hand Book – Rothstein, Hales M, F. A. Davis Company.
  • Clinical Electrotherapy – Nelson &Currier, Appleton & Lange.
  • Electrotherapy Explained – Low J & Ann Reed, Butterworth Heinemann.
  • Electrotherapy – Kitchen. S, Churchill Livingstone.
  • Maitland’s Vertebral Manipulation – Maitland. G. D, Butterworth Heinemann.
  • Maitland’s Peripheral Manipulation – Maitland. G. D, Butterworth Heinemann.
  • Principles of Manual Therapy – Sebastian. D.
  • Rehabilitation of movement: Theoretical Basis of Clinical Practice – Pitt Brooke. J, Harcourt-brace.
  • Manipulation & Mobilization: Extremity & Spinal Techniques – Edmond. S, Mosby.
  • Hydrotherapy in Pediatrics – Campion. C. R, William Heinemann.
  • PNF in Practice – Adler. S & Becker D, Springer.
  • Facilitated Stretching – 3rd Edition by Robert McAtee and Jeff Charland (Feb 21, 2007)
  • Clinical Electrophysiology: Electrotherapy and Electrophysiologic Testing by Andrew J. Robinson and Lynn Snyder-Mackler (Sep 28, 2007)
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