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Paper –V – Ethics and management

Total hours:40
Total Hours/ Week:1-2
Method of Assessment:written,oral
Course Description:
THEORY:40 Hours


  • 1. Outlines of Gujarat State Council for Physiotherapists (GSCPT) Act 2011 with more emphasis on formation, functions of council, importance for registration etc.2. Ethical principles in health care services, research, teaching related to physiotherapy.3. Scope of practice as patient manager, consultant, critical inquirer, educator, administrator.4. Rules of professional conducta. Physiotherapy as a professionb. Relationship with patientsc. Relationship at health care institution i.e. hospital, clinic etc.d. Relationship with colleagues and peerse. Relationship with medical and other professionals5. Confidentiality and responsibility6. Malpractice and negligence7. Professional development, competence and expertise8. Sale of goods: personal and professional standards9. Legal aspects: legal responsibility of physiotherapists for their action in the professional context understanding liability and obligations in case of medico legal action.

  • 1. Management studies related to local health care organization management &structure, planning delivery with quality assurance & funding of service delivery,information technology and career development in physiotherapy.2. Administration-principles-based on the goal & functions at large hospital setup/domiciliary services/private clinic/ academics.3. Budget-planning.4. Performance analysis- physical structure/ reporting system (man power, status,functions, quantity & quality of services, turn over, cost benefit revenue contribution)5. Setting up therapeutic gymnasium, fitness clinics, cardiac and pulmonary rehabcenters etc 6. Time managemen
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