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Paper VII: Orientation To Physiotherapy

Subject Title:Orientation to Physiotherapy
Total hours:30
Theory :30
Lecture:1 hour / week
Course Description:
This course is designed to help the student acquire the geographical orientation of the various concern section of the education department and clinical training areas. To get the overall idea about the graduate programme and its scope in the professional practice.

  • Patterns of Health Care Delivery: [10 hours]
    • National Trends and resources
    • Local trends and resources
    • Overview of Health Science Professions
    • Introduction of health care.
  • Components of Physiotherapy Profession: [10 hours]
    • History of Medical therapeutics.
    • Information of education department, training and course detail.
    • Information for new student commencing physiotherapy.
    • Why to select physiotherapy?
  • Role of Physiotherapy in meeting Health Care Needs in India. [10 hours]
    • Needs versus Demands
    • Physiotherapist as ‘Educator’
    • Educational resources.
    • Common problems and solutions
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