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Paper VI – Biostatistics

Subject Title:Biostatistics
Total hours:50
Lecture:2-3 hours/ week
Method of assessment:Written
Course Description:
This course will introduce to the student to understand and apply basic statistics in research.

  • Introduction [5 Hours]: Meaning, definition, characteristics of statistics., Importance of the study of statistics, Branches of statistics, Statistics and health science including physiotherapy, Parameters and Estimates, Descriptive and inferential statistics, Variables and their types, Measurement scales.
  • Tabulation of Data [5 Hours]: Basic principles of graphical representation, Types of diagrams – histograms, frequency polygons, smooth frequency polygon, cumulative frequency curve,. Normal probability curve.
  • Measure of Central Tendency [10 Hours]: Need for measures of central Tendency, Definition and calculation of mean – ungrouped and grouped, Meaning, interpretation and calculation of median ungrouped and grouped., Meaning and calculation of mode, Comparison of the mean, median and mode, Guidelines for the use of various measures of central tendency.
  • Measures of Dispersion [5 Hours]: Meaning, requisites, various methods of dispersion – range, inter quartile range, quartile deviation, mean deviation, standard deviation, coefficient deviation.
  • Correlation [5 Hours] : Correlation – meaning, types of correlation, Scatter diagram, Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation (ungrouped data only), Spearman’s rank correlation, Coefficient (ungrouped data only).
  • Regression [5 Hours]: Logistic Regression – Linear regression – lines of regression – estimation using limes of regression (using deviation for mean) (ungrouped data only).
  • Sampling techniques [5 Hours]: Need for sampling – Criteria for good samples, Application of sampling in community, Procedures of sampling and sampling designs errors, Sampling variation and tests of significance.
  • Concept of Z and t – tests [5 Hours].
  • Analysis of variance & covariance [5 Hours] : Analysis of variance (ANOVA), Basic principle of ANOVA, ANOVA technique; Analysis of Covariance (ANACOVA)
Recommended Textbooks:
  • Elements of Health Statistics: Rao.N.S.N
  • An introduction of Biostatistics: Sunder Rao. P.S.S.
  • Methods in Bio-Statistics 6th Edn. 1997: B.K. Mahajan
  • Biostatistics: A manual of Statistics Methods: K. Visweswara Rao
  • Elementary Statistics 1st Edn, 1990. in Medical Workers: Inderbir Singh
  • Statistics in Psychology and education: Great and Henry
  • Biostatistics: Ramakrishnan
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