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Paper-VIII – Psychiatry

Subject Title:Psychiatry
Total hours:30
Theory:30 Hours
Lecture :1 hour / week
Course Description:
The course provides a basic understanding of the normal and abnormal human behavior and the principles of psychiatry and also helps the student to manage patients with behavioral changes and psychiatric disease condition in the hospital and the community.

  • Introduction: [3 hours]: History and present trends of psychiatry.Scope and role of mental health care. Concepts and views on normal, abnormal human behavior
  • Psychodynamics of Abnormal Human Behaviour [3 hours]: Causes of abnormal behavior. Psychiatric disorders and their classification
  • Psycho-neurotic disorders:[3 hours]: Anxiety neurosis, phobic neurosis, hysterical neurosis, obsessive compulsive disorders, hyperchondriac neurosis, post traumatic disorder
  • Psychotic disorders:[3 hours]: Organic psychosis, Functional psychosis – Schizophrenia, Major affective disorders – depression, mania, maniac depressive psychosis
  • Psycho physiological disorders: [3 hours] Concepts of psychosomatic conditions and anorexia nervosa, bulimia, obesity
  • Personality disorders[3 hours]: Paranoid personality disorders, Antisocial personality disorders, Borderline personality disorders
  • Substance abuse disorders[ 2 hours ]: Alcoholic abuse, dependence, Drug abuse, dependence
  • Psychiatric emergencies: [2 hours]: Suicidal & Aggressive behavior, Hallucinations, alcohol withdrawal
  • Child Psychology: [4 hours]: Habit disorders, Childhood schizophrenia ,Autism ,Bedwetting, encopresis, hyperkinetic disorder. Stammering / Stuttering, Juvenile delinquency, Psychiatric problems in mental retardation , Child guidance clinic
    • Identification of psychological crisis situation and intervention
    • Promotion of mental health.
    • Prevention of potential problems of mental health in community.
    • Rehabilitation of mentally ill in the community.
    • Approaches to community mental health in India.
    • Psychological care of geriatric patients.
Recommended Text Books:
  • Clinical Psychiatry, Mayol – gloss; 3rd Edition, AITBS
  • Psychiatry, James Scully, 4th Edition, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  • A short textbook of Psychiatry, Ahuja; 5th Edition – Jaypee
  • Handbook of Psychiatry, Dr. L.P. Shah, 3rd Edition, Uni U.C.B. Pvt. Ltd.
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